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Nanuk (2009)

Steve Jackson Games

Winter is coming. All the hunters boasted of their prowess, but you boasted the loudest. Now you have to deliver . . . Beware Nanuk, the great polar bear, who can end any hunt in failure. If the hunt is successful, the hunters share the animals collected. But if the hunt fails, the doomers score instead.

Nanuk is a fast-playing, highly social game of bidding and bluffing for 5 to 8 players.

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Gene Pool (2006)

Goadrich Games

Join the fight against rare genetic diseases by becoming a DNA engineer in the fast-paced mind-bending card game Gene Pool! Use strategy and spatial thinking to mutate, invert, delete and insert your way to success!

Gene Pool is a card game for two players, ages 10 and up, and takes about 20 minutes to play.

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Cell Management (2005)


Cell Management is a solitaire game for a standard piecepack. The player attempts to execute a jailbreak of sorts from an alien spaceship. Their captors have abducted several species, and you may have to stage some escape attempts as diversions from the real jailbreak.

Cell Management is based on the mechanisms in gene regulatory networks, which help a biological cell respond to changes in its environment dynamically.

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Music of the Spheres (2015)


Fly through space and create the music of the spheres. Can you resonate all 12 tones of the chromatic scale while avoiding harmonic dissonance and duplication of tones?

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Cricket Maze (2013)

Sifteo Cubes

Help the cricket find its way home in less than one minute! You must use all the paths in the maze, and each path can be used only once. The maze is all visible all the time, but distributed across the cubes such that you need to shift, rotate and move the cubes so the cricket can complete the maze.

Written for the Sifteo Game Design Competition.

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